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How to Prevent Situation of Basement Flooding

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It is very difficult to handle the situation of basement flooding. There are a few things that you must do during winter months to avoid basement flooding in Washington DC.

Check Where the Leak is from

The first and the foremost thing to do in order to prevent basement flooding is to check from where the water is leaking. If the water leaks from above when it rains, locate the spot and close its way. Ensure that there is no place is your garage that allows the water to seep in. You must make barriers in front of garage door to prevent the water from entering in.

Check the Gutter’s Direction

It is very important to ensure that the rain gutters are directed off the foundation and do not accumulate at the base of the house. To keep the home basement from flooding, it is important to fix leads under the gutters so as to direct the water off the home. The leads are made of plastic or concrete.

Stick or Cover the Cracks

The flood water accumulated below seeps in through little cracks in the foundation. If you find any cracks, fix them up. This would help you prevent basement flooding in Washington DC.

It would help if you install a drain plug in the basement, as it would prevent the drain from flowing into the basement. Some extra lines and the drain lines come and join in same area. If there is a downpour, the sewer may overflow and start to back up into the basement of your home. Drain plugs will avoid that from occurring. You must also install a suction pump in your home that would turn on and off automatically depending on the level of water.

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