Flooded basement

How to Prevent Wet Basements

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There are many drastic effects that wet basements have on the structure of a building. The wall becomes porous which weakens the strength of the building. To avoid such problems, it is better to opt for waterproofing of wet basements. In this waterproofing method, the basement walls are coated with paint to protect the wall from any damage done by water and the drainage getting penetrated inside the building.

Coat the walls to Avoid Wet Basements

The building basement, if wet over a long period of time may cause serious damage to the structure. The coating of such places is done by polymers are used for the coating purpose. The coating is done on the interior of the building. The coating also covers the pores. As these are a serious issue, they have to be first repaired on a priority basis. Some buildings may have cracks from where there is a chance of water entering the building basement.

Other Ways to Prevent Wet Basements

The drainage system of every house has to be perfect to avoid wet basements. This will not allow the water to enter into the building. You will also be able to pumps out the water. Basement waterproofing will prevent the water from entering inside the basement along with the outside gases that enter the rooms in the home. The basement is usually made air tight and is secured in a good manner. This might also help during the rainy season. The internal walls of the basement are coated. Keep in mind to make proper arrangements for air circulation as the room will be air tight some arrangement has to be done for the air circulation inside.

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